Sea Otter’s Tongue Is Bright Pink

Sea Otter's Tongue Is Bright Pink

Photo by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, via the IIP Photo Archive

[Kachemak Bay Reserve, AK]

Hey, Otter, We Can See Your Tail

Hey, Otter, We Can See Your Tail

Thanks, teakura!

[Zoorasia/Yokohama Zoological Gardens, Japan]

Otter Doesn’t Want to Share His Stuffed Otter

Otter Doesn't Want to Share His Stuffed Otter 1

We don’t usually post macros or memes on the Daily Otter, but we wanted to share this one. Here’s the original image set:

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Sea Otters Get Icy, Fishy Birthday Cakes!

Sea Otters Get Icy, Fishy Birthday Cakes! 1

Via Monterey Bay Aquarium, which writes, “Our sea otters Abby and Gidget both have July birthdays so naturally, cakes were needed! Our amazing aquarists whipped up these icy shrimp-topped creations and the otters took it from there.”

Sea Otters Get Icy, Fishy Birthday Cakes! 2

Sea Otters Get Icy, Fishy Birthday Cakes! 3

VIDEO: Otter Pup Tries to Keep Up with His Mother as She Hunts for Fish

Thanks to Alan, who writes:

A river otter mother brought her pup to feed at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. The very young otter would start squeaking and urgently looking for its mom every time she dove, then chased her down when she surfaced. The large schools of smelt that gather in Arcata Marsh’s tidal sloughs and saltwater ponds during the warm months make it a popular feeding spot for otters at they fish and forage around Humboldt Bay.

Help Name the Oregon Zoo’s Rescued Otter Pup!

Help Name the Oregon Zoo's Rescued Otter Pup!

Earlier this month we told you about the otter pup rescued from along an Oregon roadway, who found a new home at the Oregon Zoo. Now the zoo isĀ asking your help in naming him! Choose from the following names, inspired by local waterways:

  • J.R. Papenfus: a creek in Lane County near the location where the pup was found. (J.R. is for junior, since a creek is junior to a river.)
  • Little Pudding (nickname: LP): a tributary of the Pudding River, joining the main stem west of Mt. Angel.
  • Hobson: a creek named for John Hobson, a Clatsop County pioneer who opened a salmon cannery near Tillamook.

Cast your votes here!

Photo via Oregon Zoo