Sea Otter Pup Rialto Likes This Human

Sea Otter Pup Rialto Likes This Human 1
Sea Otter Pup Rialto Likes This Human 1
Sea Otter Pup Rialto Likes This Human 2
Sea Otter Pup Rialto Likes This Human 2

Who could forget little Rialto, the sea otter pup rescued in Washington State this summer? (If you have, click here to catch up!) Rialto has been at the Vancouver Aquarium for over a month now and seems to be a pretty happy little guy! The Seattle Times writes:

He’s growing so fast, he tips the scales at nearly 20 pounds and immediately outgrew the baby pool in his nursery. So now Rialto has access whenever he wants it to a big, outdoor 6-foot-deep pool all his own. He is a hit with visitors to the aquarium, who can watch him in his pool, and the attraction seems to be mutual.

He particularly seems to love the attention of little children, said Shawn Larson, curator of conservation research at the Seattle Aquarium [pictured above]. She visited the Vancouver Aquarium last week to help care for Rialto.

“When there are kids he swims right over and checks them out; he is really interested in smaller children,” Larson said.

“He really is like a perfect baby; he stays up all day and just plays and plays and plays,” Larson said. A little more than 3 months old now, Rialto is energetic, investigates everything around him and zooms around his pool with zest, Larson said.

“He is just so sunny, and brimming with joy and life, and being an otter.”

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