Sea Otter Pup Ellie Makes New Friends

Sea Otter Pup Ellie Makes New Friends
Sea Otter Pup Ellie Makes New Friends

Remember Ellie, the sea otter pup formerly known as Pup 719? She's old enough to make new friends now! In the above photo she hugs sea otter Mari, and in the below video she makes a playmate in young Luna (whom you might remember as little Pup 681).

Shedd Aquarium writes:

In the last month, Ellie has also met two other Shedd sea otters. Soon after her arrival, she began vocalizing back and forth with the older otters in neighboring pools, and even got nose to nose with one on the other side of the window of her nursery area.

But now that she’s big enough, she can play with Mari, whom Lana describes as “a calm 13-year-old,” in a reserve pool. “Mari has been patient as the pup sniffs and grooms her,” Lana says. But almost-2-year-old Luna is a rough-and-tumble playmate. “They have done well together,” Lana says, “and because Luna is younger and more energetic, Ellie does more playing and wrestling with her than she does with Mari.

“We’ll introduce Ellie to the other adult female, Kiana, in coming weeks, but it will be several months before she meets our 80-pound male, Yaku.”

Read more on how Ellie's doing here!

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