Otter Pup Rescued After Being Separated from His Mother

Otter Pup Rescued After Being Separated from His Mother This is Buddy, a 10-week-old pup who was rescued after he turned up near a house in Scotland, separated from his mother and distressed. He was taken in by the Scottish SPCA and though he was found weak and underweight, his condition is improving. Sky News writes:

Buddy is being bottle-fed milk and hand-fed a diet of fish. He will be introduced to three other otter cubs - named Ebb, Tide and Wave - recently found without their mothers. All four are being cared for at the charity's national wildlife rescue centre in Fishcross, Clackmannanshire.

"They will stay with us for around a year until they are old enough to fend for themselves back in the wild," said centre manager Colin Seddon. "This is a very hazardous time for young otters as they can easily be washed out of their holts by high rivers and at that age they are not accomplished swimmers. If separated from their mothers, they may well perish. We would appeal to the public to be watchful, especially in areas affected by the recent floods."

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