Video Footage of a Tiny Newborn Otter Pup at the Oregon Zoo

It's a second pup this year for otter Tilly at the Oregon Zoo! The zoo writes:

'We're pretty sure this pup's a male,' said Julie Christie, the zoo's senior North America keeper. 'But Tilly is very protective, so we can't be positive until our vets conduct a more thorough exam.'

Tilly and her pup are currently in a private maternity den, and it will be another month or two before visitors can see them in their Cascade Stream and Pond habitat. [. . .]

'Young river otters are very dependent on their moms, and Tilly has been very nurturing,' said [Christie]. 'She did a great job with her first pup, Mo, earlier this year. She raised him up from this tiny, helpless creature into the sleek, agile, full-grown otter he is today. We're confident Tilly will be a great mom to her new pup as well.'

Check out the zoo's full article on this growing otter family here.

Submitted by Leonard!

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